OnPlace Launches FinTech Investment Platforms After Raising $1 Million in Crowfund

OnPlace launches two FinTech Investment platforms.

Investing can be tricky business…and even riskier. But one company has set out to take some of the guesswork and risk out of investing. OnPlace Inc. has just launched two FinTech investment platforms built on blockchain technology to help you make better investment decisions.

The company successfully raised $1,005,000 on Crowdfunder this year to fund its new investment platforms, OnPlace.io and OnPlace Investments. The business plan reports that all projects will have “a total investment value over $10 million” when the full version is launched in June.

OnPlace has sought out blockchain as a vehicle for investments on both of its news platforms due to its high-speed capabilities and as a means to reduce fees associated with transactions.

OnPlace.io is a traditional equity crowdfunding platform aiming to match investors with projects. The platform is built to make investing more efficient, less risky, and more profitable.

OnPlace Investments will allow investors to put their money in private companies who have a healthy potential for growth. The company says it will be responsible for investigating companies that are listed on the platform so investors can choose their investments with confidence.

OnPlace will be looking at American and Asian markets exclusively, and it will use a transparent investment algorithm to size them up. Companies must meet these preliminary factors:

  • FinTech, IT Technologies, B2B, communications, biotechnology, or similar industries
  • Funding round “A” has been completed
  • Have positive indicators, such as operational business metrics
  • Well-positioned in the industry

Additionally, OnPlace will have an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) starting in 10 days. During the ICO, 10 million OPL tokens will be sold for for $3 million in ETH.

OnPlace is a member of the Advisory Board of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the development and operation of crowdinvesting in Russia.

OnPlace COO and Director of Communications Michael Gorden stated:

“We are basically pioneers; we have everything that it takes to become the largest player in the Russian market. We will have a secondary market within our investors’ network. We will have optional insurance for the investments on certain projects.”


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