Steemit – The New Social Platform Where Bloggers Earn Digital Currency $$$

Launched in March of last year, the new social blogging platform, Steemit, has been causing a stir within the blogging and digital currency communities. Since May of this year, Steemit has amassed 170,000 users, or “Steemians” as they’re called.

So why are so many people joining the Steemit community?

One word – Steem – the new digital currency that underpins Steemit. Today, the price of Steem is around $1.60 but the currency has reached $3.69 in July of 2016. Bloggers and digital currency enthusiasts alike are trying to get in on the action while Steem is still in its infancy and fairly inexpensive to buy.

How much can you earn on Steemit?

Well, I can only speak for myself on this. I joined just three months ago in June and already, I have earned $458.13 with just 42 posts. No, I’m not bragging folks… but I really haven’t even put a lot of time into this. However, these earnings let me know there’s money to be made here.

But you have to be consistent.

Some posts I’ve published on the platform have earned as little as 0.28 cents. But what’s really exciting is when you make over $100, like this post I made. I literally took photos of my very own basil garden, and added a few from other people’s gardens. (Not too bad, eh?)

I’m no pro, but I can take some pretty good shots…

Yes, I have earned over $400 by just having fun!


How it works

So, where do your earnings come from? Fellow Steemit users. When people like your posts, they can follow, re-steem or upvote you. The upvote feature allows users to essentially tip you for making a great post, and this costs nothing to the “tipper”.

Want to know more about Steemit? Check it out for yourself at

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