What’s it like being a teenage bitcoin millionaire?

When Erik Finman became a teenage bitcoin millionaire at 18, he didn’t just say to heck with work, I’ll blow all my money on women and fast cars. Instead, he’s decided to pursue his dreams of changing the world and making a name for himself in tech. In this video on BuzzFeed News, Erik talks about how he got wealthy from bitcoin and offers a glimpse into his life.

At the age of 12 when bitcoin was selling for around $10-12 dollars each, Erik’s grandmother had given him $1,000 which he used to accumulate around 400 bitcoins. At today’s current price, one bitcoin is around $6,379 on Coinmarketcap, which means Erik’s 400 bitcoins are now worth a cool $2,551,600. Not bad for an investment of less than 5 thousand dollars!

He’s been busy working on tech projects and doing speaking gigs like TEDx, and he’s been named TIME’s Most Influential Teen. As you would imagine, Erik also keeps a very close watch on the price of bitcoin. “I check my bitcoin every 30 minutes,” he says.

Project Da Vinci is just one of the projects he is working on that aims to launch a satellite into space with a time capsule that represents humanity. Anyone, anywhere, can submit their very own videos from there phone to be a part of the time capsule. Their goal is to collect at least one video from every country.

Besides being a teen millionaire, Erik seems pretty normal. Like most teens, he loves taking selfies and posting on his Instagram. He  shares videos of himself shopping and just goofing off, and words of wisdom, like, “Hard work is so important. Don’t let other people do stuff you could easily do.”

He also likes to show off his rapping skills and the trappings of his success.




Erik’s good fortune is the kind of success many crypto investors are hoping for. He is proof that investing in cryptocurrencies early on can set you up for life.

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