You Can Buy Starbucks With New Crypto Card

The BlockCard is a new debit card created by digital currency start-up Ternio that’s making it easy for you to spend digital currency on everyday purchases. With BlockCard you can spend your BTC, ETH, XLM, and TERN at any location anywhere in the world that accepts credit cards.

It’s an easy, stream-lined way for you to use your crypto money to buy, say, a latte at Starbucks, or to pay your monthly utility bills.

Daniel Gouldman, CEO of Ternio, recently decided to use Blockcard to get his caffeine fix, proudly walking into an Alpharetta Starbucks to demonstrate just how easy it is to use cryptocurrency in the real world. The CEO said it was his first transaction with his new BlockCard, and with just one swipe, he purchased a caramel frappucino.

The CEO tweeted the video, saying, “Not only did we create a blockchain capable of 1.2M TPS, but also a #cryptocard for everyday use.”

The release of BlockCard is great news for crypto enthusiasts who are anxious for the world to adopt crypto payments. This card may help bring mass adoption a step closer to reality.


To find out more about BlockCard or Ternio, check out and this helpful infographic:


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